Why passwords must be taken seriously

So, how can businesses ensure that their employees use the best password security to guard their data safely?

The Friend Finder Network hack, the largest data breach of 2016 that exposed more than 400 million user accounts, has, once again, highlighted the issue of passwords.

Passwords continue to be the bane of our digital lives. We tend to use simple, memorable passwords that any ‘wannabe hacker’ can break. If you then try harder and go for a more complex solution it often gets forgotten or, worse still, written down. So, how can businesses ensure that their employees use the best password security to guard their data safely? Read more

Challenges of complying with the Investigatory Powers Act

Despite opposition by civil liberties groups and technology companies, the UK government has passed the controversial Investigatory Powers Act, adding a host of security and contingency requirements that UK businesses need to consider

On 29 November 2016, the Investigatory Powers Act 2016 was given royal assent and enshrined in UK law. The act is designed to consolidate the various surveillance powers that were spread across different legislation and update them for the 21st century, while replacing the previous three surveillance commissioners with a single oversight body

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Network Computing Awards 2017

Digital Pathways are very proud to announce, that following nominations for the 2017 Network Computing Awards, we have been confirmed as finalists in the following four categories:

Security Product of the Year (nSuite)

Software Product of the Year (nSuite)

New Product of the Year Software & Services (nSuite)


 Here’s how you could help us win the above awards.

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What is GDPR? And How Will It Affect The Legal Sector?

If you have been paying attention, it is likely that you will have heard murmurs about the upcoming changes to the way that personal data will be protected in Britain. You may even have heard us outline some of these changes ourselves in our blog ‘How will the changes brought in by GDPR affect your business?’. For almost 20 years, we have relied on the Data Protection Act to be our sole regulatory legislation for the responsible processing of personal information. On the 25th May 2018, this will change.

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a set of compliance regulations that organisations and businesses will be obligated to adhere to. When processing data, these robust, much stricter set of rules will be the benchmark for companies to meet, in order to avoid the fines that incompetence, and ignorance, will claim. Despite the huge changes that GDPR is promising for UK businesses, there still seems to be a certain amount of unawareness across the country, no more so than in the Legal Sector.

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