The Rise of Targeted Phishing

The issue of phishing is widespread. As a process, this form of cybercrime attempts to acquire private information from an individual via email correspondence. The criminal who sends the email pretends to be from a reputable source and asks for a username, password or even credit card details to be shared. The sender will seem trustworthy, the request a fair one. Once these details, or even the money itself is delivered, you have given access to someone who really shouldn’t have it, and your system or accounts will be breached. Read more

Cyber Security for Start-Up Businesses

There appears to be a culture of entrepreneurship evident across the UK at the moment, with London having been ranked sixth in the Global Start-up Ecosystem Rankings 2015 last year, and cities ranging from Glasgow and Edinburgh, to Brighton and Bristol all having recorded over 2,000 business start-ups over the course of 2015. The start-up landscape is also seeing huge diversity too, especially in London, with the growth of creative media and fashion businesses being matched by the founding of financial and technology based companies. With the British economy continuing to show signs of improvement, there seems little chance of the pace slowing down either. Read more

The Cyber Security Seminar – Colin Tankard

The Cyber Security Seminar  held on 1st March 2016 at our Harlow Enterprise Hub headquarters was a huge success. The presentations were perceptive and the audience engaged. The diverse range of cyber security knowledge in the room also made for a great social and educational event. The final speaker at the event was our very own Colin Tankard, director at Digital Pathways and an expert in cybercrime prevention. His presentation on ‘how they hack’ used video clips and detailed infographics to take the audience on a journey through cyber security. Read more

The Cyber Security Seminar – Michael Tye

The Cyber Security Seminar held on 1st March 2016 at our Harlow Enterprise Hub headquarters was a huge success. The presentations were insightful, the audience inquisitive and the diverse range of cyber security knowledge in the room made for a great social and educational event. One those to speak was Michael Tye from the company Infinigate. His presentation centred on the highly topical ‘Insider Threat’ and how the introduction of software such as TITUS could help mitigate the risk. Read more

The Cyber Security Seminar – Donell Henry

For those who visited the Digital Pathway’s Cyber Security Seminar  on 1st March 2016, there was a lot of important information to take away. Held at the Harlow Enterprise Hub, the afternoon was one of astute presentations around the cyber security threat, and inquisitive questioning from the visiting crowd. One speaker who quickly grabbed the attention of the audience was Donell Henry, a representative from Barclays Bank. His presentation centred on cyber fraud, and ways that his bank were helping customers to alleviate the risk. Read more

Cyber Security Seminar – Caroline Garrow

For those of us who love to talk cyber security, March 1st 2016 was a fantastic opportunity to hear from experts from across the industry, thanks to The Cyber Security Seminar  held at the Harlow Enterprise Hub. Five specialists in a variety of fields took the time to speak exclusively about how their specific services or sector was able to deal with the rapidly growing cyber threat. Local businesses were also invited along to listen and contribute with their own questions and concerns, making for a highly informative and invigorating afternoon. Read more

Cyber Security Seminar – Keynote Speaker Nick Alston CBE

Essex Police Crime Commissioner

On the 1st March 2016, Digital Pathways were delighted to hold a Cyber Security Seminar at the Harlow Enterprise Hub. Talks came from a number of esteemed guests, all specialists in their chosen field, and the afternoon was well attended by businesses from across the county looking for security guidance. The keynote speaker for the day was Essex Police Crime Commissioner, Nick Alston CBE, whose insightful presentation centred on the responsibility we all have in the battle against cyber-crime. Read more

Digital Pathways Cyber Security Seminar

On March 1st 2016 an insightful Cyber Security Seminar was held at Digital Pathways HQ, with the Harlow Enterprise Hub playing host not only to five exceptional specialist speakers but also a number of highly enthusiastic local businesses looking for security guidance. With the programme running from a 1pm registration through to drinks, canapes and networking from 5.30pm onwards, it was a packed afternoon filled with talks from highly influential and inspirational figures, and probing questions from visitors.   Read more

10 Steps to Cyber Security

The threat of a cyber security attack to UK businesses is an ever-growing risk. As the numbers rise and the frequency quickens, it is becoming more and more essential that each and every organisation across the country invests in a cyber strategy. It is only by applying these processes and guarding against potential breaches that the likelihood of an attack can decline. Statistics from the BIS 2014 Information Security Breaches Survey indicated that 81% of large organisations have experienced a breach in some way, with costs ranging from anywhere between £600,000 and £1.5m as a result. Two years on, the situation is even more serious.

Read more

The Dangers of Ransomware for Business

Ransomware is a particularly malicious form of malware that gains access to a user’s system and then proceeds to prevent them from accessing their own data. In some cases, the files on the system are encrypted so as to be irretrievable without the key, and in others access is simply denied to the device’s owner. In both situations the hacker will demand a ransom is paid to unencrypt the files or have access given back to the user. Read more