The Cost of Security for UK Business

Computer Weekly The draft Investigatory Powers Bill to increase surveillance is already controversial, but there are growing concerns over the potential economic consequences. First announced during The Queens Speech in 2012, the Draft Communication Data Bill, as it was known then, was met with widespread criticism, before it was ultimately dropped during the coalition government […]

Secure Voice Communications Placement

CommsBusiness Businesses are aware of the importance of securing data held on corporate networks and beyond. But too often they overlook the importance of securing their communications and voice networks says Colin Tankard, MD of Digital Pathways. The convenience and reduced cost of making calls over the internet appeals to businesses large and small. Voice […]

Internet of Things issues

Professional Security Magazine – In the Internet of Things (IoT), potentially billions of devices will be connected using machine-to-machine technology enabled by the internet, writes Colin Tankard, Managing Director, Digital Pathways. This will encompass a wide variety and volume of interconnected ‘things’, including smart buildings and cities, physical security controls, cars, planes, medical equipment and […]

Time to start practising some Internet common sense.

Business Matters Magazine There is no doubt the Internet has transformed our lives and will continue to do so. For many of us it’s hard to remember how we did business before the web changed everything. Some of us even used to write letters and make phone calls – remember those! Meanwhile an entire generation […]

How Secure is Your Building

Network Security Magazine Buildings today often incorporate the use of a building automation system, which provides automated centralised control of systems such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting. Buildings that employ such systems are often referred to as smart buildings. According to Automated Buildings, a smart building is defined as one that incorporates “the use […]

How will new internet surveillance measures affect business in France?

ZDNet article By Frances Marcellin A shared digital space requires trust, so why has the French government introduced stricter online surveillance laws and how will it affect business users of online technologies such as the Cloud? Since the tragic attack on satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo’s editorial team in Paris on 7 January 2015, the French government […]

Does the cloud offer an operational advantage to small businesses?

Business Matters Magazine The cloud is everywhere, changing the way we live. Increasingly the television and movies we watch are delivered from cloud based applications like Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Sky’s Now TV service. Many of us listen to music streamed from the cloud on our mobile. Web based services like Google Docs and Microsoft […]

Vormetric release Insider Threat survey

Our Partner, Vormetric, have just released the results of their survey on how companies feel about the Insider Threat. They interviewed 818 leading companies around the world and their finds make very interesting reading. What is common is every company sees a major threat from within the organisation, whether that be from employees, contractors or […]