Business Continuity in Uncertain Times

Coronavirus – How can we help?

Covid-19 is in the news throughout the day, social media alerts on every platform. We are now officially in ‘Lockdown’ and we need to make sure as many of our employees can work from home, safely & securely.

How can we help your business continuity in uncertain times?

As a remote worker myself; I know of the many benefits this can bring but also know that you need to make sure that you have the right security parameters in place to make working from home as seamless and secure as possible.

If your business does not currently have facilities to offer home working to your staff, Digital Pathways are offering a FREE service to identify and scope out what would be required to facilitate remote working, as well as for those businesses that are looking to expand their current set up to add additional homeworkers to an already existing solution.

Please be aware!!!

We are hearing of increased threats and cyber-attacks taking place with regard to email phishing, scam emails and hackers utilising weak security defences on unsecured networks as more and more people are working from home.

One particular email supposedly coming from Public Health England offering a free hand sanitiser if you click the link.

Please DO NOT click links unless you can confirm it is from a reliable source, check this by hovering over the email sender.

More information and guidelines are available here in our recent blog on email scams.

How we can help

If your organisation already has the facilities for remote working, we can help with:-

If your organisation is looking at a remote working environment for your staff and don’t know where to start

We can help

  • With a scoping exercise to identify what would be needed to facilitate secure remote access and home working
  • With identifying any additional equipment or hardware that might be needed
  • With email protection
  • With endpoint protection
  • With security monitoring
  • With staff online training for working from home

We also have a range of Managed Security Services for businesses that do not have any internal security resource.

During this time of uncertainty and concerns we are offering a FREE scoping exercise to all businesses in need of assistance in preparation, planning and projects to enable remote working environments.

If you have any concerns about remote working or need any advice or recommendations on working from home securely or are looking to put in place the facilities for your teams to be able to work from home securely and efficiently, please do not hesitate to get in touch either call 0844 586 0040 or email [email protected]. We are here to help in these uncertain times.