Winner Channel Product of the Year Software

Comms Business Award – Channel Product of the Year – Software 2016

What winning the award means to Digital Pathways

Digital Pathways are extremely excited & proud to have won Channel Product of the Year – Software 2016. This was the first time we have entered the awards, what a way to make an entrance. We are hoping that the additional exposure that winning the award brings to the channel will raise awareness of the seriousness of cyber security to both their businesses as well as their clients. Winning this award is a huge acknowledgement for all the hard work & innovation the team at Digital Pathways put into delivering services and solutions that really make a difference. It inspires us to continue with the development of products that both resellers and end-user customers can benefit from.

It is an honour to be part of such a prestigious awards event and we look forward to next years!

Thank you to the whole team at Comms Business that make this event such a great night. Congratulations to all the winners & finalists.

Comms Business Awards 2016     Comms Business Awards 2016

The products that won the award

Our nSuite range of products is built on the foundation that all data at rest needs to be encrypted, and access to it controlled.

The suite consists of:

  • nCrypt – provides data encryption of any data format, whether on-premise or in the cloud as a fully managed service. The solution can be used to protect a single server or a complete corporate network with management ranging from the end user/Partner having control or handled by the Digital Pathways team.
  •  nCrypt addresses the current short fall in cloud-based provided encryption services from ISP’s where the encryption key is stored with the data and also held by the ISP. nCrypt separates the duties by holding the key outside the ISP’s control thus blinding their administrators from viewing the client’s data.
  • nSIEM – takes all logs generated by a client’s servers, applications or databases and centralises them to enable management reports or trend reports to be generated and sent to individuals within the organisation. All logs are encrypted by nCrypt to ensure non-repudiation in the event of an audit and are held within our repository or exported to the client’s data centre if required.