Cyber security is generally agreed upon as a protection of electronic information, the ICTs that support cyberspace. It is also protection in a number of spaces including personal, professional, and even national. Sometimes, all three of these can interconnect into a cyber nightmare because one element was vulnerable to being attacked, which in turn had a domino effect for the others.

Cyber attackers make it their job to breach the security of a company or personal computer in order to profit in some way for the information that is housed there. They are always in a state of learning new ways to conduct that security breach. They are targeting small businesses more than ever before, including at-home offices. Many companies rationalize that if they are small enough and keep a low enough profile in the industry, that cyber-attackers pass the by and look for bigger targets. This is not so according to experts in the field of cyber security. So a framework based on securing a network needs to have flexibility in creating and also evolving with the people in the cyber-attack world that want to do them harm instead of just trying to keep up with regulations.

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