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Digital Security for Business on the Move

If you are a frequent traveller, either for business or for pleasure, then you may well take for granted the security of the devices you carry. Wherever you are travelling, if you include a laptop or mobile as part of your luggage then it is vitally important that you look to protect and secure your systems for use on the move. More and more businesses are utilising cloud technology to store their data and keep it protected, thinking that this alone will help them avoid leaking or losing their documents. What about the devices themselves though? Are they so vehemently protected? The vulnerability of a mobile device is that, without the required security measures, it offers instant access to files and documents that are no longer simply stored away on a single office computer.

There are a number of measures that can be taken, whether you are travelling for leisure or regularly take business trips. The next time you travel consider some of these options before you leave.

Tamper Evidence

When you travel or are on the move how can you be sure that your data has not been compromised? You might get up to stretch your legs on the plane, have been distracted looking out the window or moved away to collect something. During those lapses can you be sure that no one has been at your computer, changed your settings or in extreme cases even entered a Trojan? At Digital Pathways we can analyse your logs and report on any changes. We offer to secure your device and review it at the end of a journey, telling you exactly who has accessed your data and any deviations from your usual settings.

Finger Print Recognition USB Sticks

Travelling with a USB stick may be handy but will often be a totally unsecured way of transporting data. Vital information can be easily accessed, for example, mergers or acquisition documents or details of employees or clients can be openly shared with a potential hacker. With a finger print recognition USB stick the data can only be viewed if the computer in which the USB stick is entered recognises your finger print, preventing access.

Obliteration Functionality

We all travel with mobile devices, often losing them in transit, on a plane, or at a hotel or restaurant. With obliteration functionality, you control access to your private contact information.  Once you are aware of the loss, you can contact Digital Pathways directly, who will then remotely destroy all usable information on a registered device. All of the information is completely obliterated, and your privacy remains intact.


nLitenTravel is a software application for the traveller, VIP, lone worker or valued family member. Accessible on Blackberry, iPhone or any web-enabled device, nLitenTravel offers a fast time reporting tool which in four easy steps can deal with any emergency, terrorist threat, pandemic, hostage or kidnap, workplace incident, intrusion, suspicious behaviour or any other event where threat or injury are involved. nLitenTravel helps to mitigate and deal with the risks, with assistance 24/7 from a secure area. This is especially important to people who are in high-risk roles, or who are travelling in unfamiliar or high-risk areas.