Do you know if your emails are secure?

Of all the millions of emails sent each day, how many senders even think about whether their messages are secure? Traditional email has the confidentiality level of a postcard – anyone involved in its transport can easily read it. Lack of care becomes even more of a problem when the sender is attaching confidential or sensitive data. Is it being sent to the correct person? Should the attachment be allowed? Even if it is all right to send, how do you know it was received, when it was read and has it been forwarded? Current system notification is not good enough.

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) fines looming, now is the time to gain control of emails.

With a secure email system, correspondence is protected and verified, giving information on the date opened, etc. Its gives you peace of mind. The flaw in many of these secure email systems is that they are on a one-to-one basis – ie, a company to an individual or a company to a company – which means no collaboration outside of these groups.

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