How to stop Phishing Threats for Office 365 Webinar

Digital Pathways have been in the Cyber Security market for nearly 25 years and seen a continuous rise in data security breaches. Our suite of products and services enables our clients to monitor their security posture, balance business risk with cyber risk, and achieve a cost-effective way to keep their data safe. With over 91% of Cyberattacks starting with a phishing attack, getting your email defences right has never been more important.
Today with Cyren, we will address why and how to stop phishing messages making it past traditional Secure Email Gateways and reaching users’ inboxes. Cyren Inbox Security deploys directly into the Office 365 inbox where it can continuously monitor emails and when a new threat is discovered it can automate response and remediation across every mailbox.
In this webinar, we will look at:
• Why Microsoft 365 ATP and EOP give many security teams a false sense of security
• Which kinds of evasive phishing are likely to bypass Microsoft 365’s conventional defences
• Why you need an additional layer of email security that automatically reduces the number of email threats reaching your employee