Insider Threat Mitigated with Partnering of Digital Pathways & ObserveIT

London:  March 2016, data security specialist, Digital Pathways, has teamed up with ObserveIT, providers of insider threat management solutions.

The Insider Threat issue has become one of the major concerns surrounding data protection today.  According to Verizon DBIR 69% of reported security incidents involved an insider with detection with such an attack taking some 32 months to unearth.

The ObserveIT solution allows the CIO and Board to:

  • Achieve real-time visibility into all insider threats
  • Identify and prevent unauthorised behaviour
  • Complete investigations in minutes instead of months

But the solution is not simply software for the monitoring of employees.  ObserveIT is also a behavioural analytics tool that builds a profile of risky behaviour allowing management to be alerted, at an early stage, to anything of concern. Actions are graded regarding severity and moved up the scale until an alert is triggered which highlights the need for investigation.

Also, the system is a useful training tool as it alerts users to their actions enabling them to re-consider their choices.

Says Colin Tankard, Managing Director of Digital Pathways: “Many security incidents stem from people, whether it’s getting infected, misbehaving or making honest mistakes. Being able to be alerted to unauthorised activity early on enables a company’s security policy to be enforced, at an early stage, helping to eliminate risk at the source.

“Digital Pathways specialise in the installation of robust data security measures and teaming up with ObserveIT now bridges the gap between external and internal security solutions.

“We are delighted to be working closely with the ObserveIT team and adding additional value, to both our existing and new clients, helping them to limit their exposure to one of the greatest data security issues – the insider threat.’

Adds Elad Tzur, Sales Director of ObserveIT “Our solution focuses on the ability to educate, detect and prevent insider threat attacks. Working alongside Digital Pathways, an already established and respected brand was a natural expansion of our sales strategy.

“Together we aim to help businesses to limit their exposure to insider threats as well as to provide strong audit and compliance trails.  This is an exciting development for both ObserveIT and Digital Pathways.’