Insidious Malware And What To Do About It.

Malware is an ongoing headache for IT users and it is a constant race to stay ahead of it.  Recently there has been the storm over the flaw in the Apache Log4J software, which seems to allow hackers to enter code in record-keeping logs, letting them then take control of data.

This vulnerability comes from an open-source programme that is able to record changes to applications.  It is widely used by applications and services across the Internet and consequently, this security loophole is likely to affect us all, individual and corporation alike.

And, the concern now is that it may be able to cause further damage by encrypting or even deleting data.

It is not however the only such vulnerability.  So, what can we do to limit any possible damage, not only from this current exploit but from other forms of malware too?

Firstly, and most importantly, ensure all current patches and updates are installed. Most vulnerabilities are fixed by the vendor in a relatively short period of time, the issue comes from companies not updating the software that enables the new fixes to remove the vulnerability.

Secondly, install malware detection solutions or applications that can stop unknown or unusual processes starting, which could be controlled by malware. Or, remove all active links in emails and/or attachments, so that users cannot click on them without actively thinking. Remember, users are the biggest security threat of all.


.  Ensure your Internet browser is up to date

.  Do not use pirated software

.  Check your anti-virus is robust

.  NEVER click on suspicious links

And lastly, if you don’t need an application, or are not using it, turn it off!

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