ObserveIT – Insider Threat Detection and Prevention Software

The Insider Threat is a growing concern among businesses. The idea that an attack, be it vicious or unintentional, can come from an internal source is frightening. Organisations put a lot of trust in their employees, and quite rightly too, but when it comes to digital security it pays to be slightly more vigilant. Many larger companies are beginning to see the value in software that monitors their employees’ actions, logging the data so that if and when disaster strikes it can be traced back to the party at fault. Unfortunately, this is very much locking the door after the horse has bolted. Luckily, there is a preventative measure available.

To truly mitigate the Insider Threat, you will require software that monitors the actions of users and then reacts, rather than just logs the progress. A company who have developed software that does exactly this are ObserveIT. Thanks to their comprehensive solution, you can not only detect the Insider Threat, you can prevent it too.

The reason that ObserveIT offer something different from traditional logging is that the software is able to monitor user behaviour across your whole organisation, and collate the data. It records both the screen and keyboard actions of each user, collecting data on which files are opened, what links are clicked and where within the system the user visits. From there an analysis is performed as to whether these actions are reasonable or suspicious.

By building analysis into the process, ObserveIT remove the tedious and often impossible task of manually targeting an individual whose behaviour seems to be unusual. In companies that employ thousands of staff, this is a highly inefficient route. Instead, everyone is monitored and if sensitive data is accessed, or the user is behaving strangely, the threat level rises. Everyone makes mistakes of course and shouldn’t necessarily be punished for these, so the software instead ranks individuals based on how often this behaviour has been seen. You are then able to see who exactly the highest risk is and focus on them.

What sets ObserveIT apart is their ability to highlight exactly who is a threat, not just comment that there is one. This is applicable in areas of security outside of the Insider Threat too. A good example would be for a Financial Broker. With thousands of individuals passing through and trading on a website, how can you possibly find the person who is there to cause damage? Well, by analysing the traffic that passes through the website, it is easy to see who stands out. If you deal primarily in Europe for example, then access coming from the Middle East will stand out as unusual, and therefore may need further investigation.

We are so impressed by the software that we have become UK partners with ObserveIT. This enables us to offer our clients this incredible tool through Digital Pathways, and tailor it to their personal requirements. If you are worried about the Insider Threat, or wondering how to distinguish the good from the bad online, then get in touch today to find out more about this incredible prevention software.

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