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Our Data Security Predictions for 2017

‘this year has been a year of high profile hack after high profile hack. It seems we still are to learn the lessons of the vital role of data security procedures in order to keep ourselves safe’, says Colin Tankard, Managing Director of data security company, Digital Pathways. Here, Tankard outlines his predictions for the data security world in 2017.

1. Nation state hacks will increase but will be focused on commercial espionage rather than political drivers. This is because of the general decline in prosperity in Asia and the need to seek new products or technologies.

2. There will be a rise in hacks into cloud-based networks, simply due to the increase in companies and individuals embracing the service and thinking it is secure. Invariably users do not protect their data themselves and expect the service provider to do it. This misconception is exposing data to easy exploits that could be fixed by users encrypting their data before they hand it over to an unseen cloud service provider.

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