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Secure Email: Simplified

Despite the clear benefits of secure email, organisations and individuals continue to send unencrypted emails around the world, risking their digital security and email privacy.

Relying on unencrypted email is the digital equivalent of sending a postcard in the mail. Before landing in your recipient’s inbox, regular email travels through servers all over the world. Anyone who intercepts this communication can read the content.

Law firms, healthcare professionals, and social services need to ensure email privacy to preserve their clients’ confidentiality. Organisations and businesses of all sizes need to protect their data and intellectual property, as well as that of their clients and employees. Individuals should also never send any information via regular email that they would not be willing to share publicly.

Encrypted Email Solution

In the past, encrypted email solutions have failed to persuade users to adopt their protection due to the trade-off in user convenience for increased security.

This no longer needs to be the case.

For the first time, there is a secure, convenient, worldwide solution for sending and receiving secure email. Digital Pathways have partnered with a trusted e-communications service provider, to provide an email service that protects messages from unauthorised access and renders e-mails trusted and binding.

Ensuring security and trust in business communications, the service seamlessly works with any email address to turn regular email into secure, electronic communication.

Previous obstacles to adopting secure email are not an issue. Senders and receivers do not need to use the same platform, to remember additional credentials for all-in-one portal systems, or use specific email addresses.

For the sender of a binding Digital Pathways secure email, the sending process is as simple as sending via any other email service, with neither the sender nor the recipient having to change anything with their existing e-mail service.

Crucially, no emails are stored by Digital Pathways or the clearing system, with no one part of the network holding all the components to decipher and access the encrypted data. This is highly secure, preventing the data from being pieced together by a single individual or organised group.

Full Traceability

Full traceability of your communications is provided with confirmation in the form of reading receipts and alerts if your email has not been read. Although email services such as Outlook offer read receipts, they are not mandatory, and the recipient does not need to acknowledge they have read an email. There is also no automated alert system to remind a user that their email has not been received or read. Senders are instead required to maintain a manual system for ensuring their communications have made their way to their intended recipient and have been read.

Our secure email service is available for both private and professional use. Both versions offer a safe, traceable email service fully compliant with the Data Protection Act and the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

If you are yet to adopt secure email, now is the time. It’s easy to register, easy to use and easy to share sensitive information with your contacts with no degradation of service, no delays and no security compromise.

Contact us today to ensure your email privacy.