Secure Voice Communications Placement


Businesses are aware of the importance of securing data held on corporate networks and beyond. But too often they overlook the importance of securing their communications and voice networks says Colin Tankard, MD of Digital Pathways.

The convenience and reduced cost of making calls over the internet appeals to businesses large and small. Voice over IP (VoIP) to give its technical name ranges from modest Skype apps on smartphones right up to enterprise wide, fully featured unified communications networks.

While conventional voice calls can obviously be bugged or hacked many users of VoIP forget that a data based voice system is also vulnerable from cyber attacks. Unauthorised access to VoIP data servers can even provide a backdoor into the company’s main networks if not protected.

Yet, in my experience it’s not unusual for VoIP servers to be left unprotected against hackers searching for and finding vulnerabilities. Why is this? Is it ignorance of the dangers or a reluctance to invest in VoIP protection?

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