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The Conundrum of Consolidation

What is the conundrum with consolidation?

The conundrum around individual components verses combined systems continues. Rather than reducing complexity, many businesses are managing multiple point products, incompatible dashboards, and struggling to integrate new systems with existing defences. This applies to all size of business but is especially hard for mid-size enterprise, where resources are stretched and the skills needed to truly understand the information that is being presented, simply not there.

Now there is a focus on Security Service Edge (SSE) which is emerging to reduce complexity and improve detection and response, all in one integrated system. This approach relieves the pressure on IT teams by integrating security from a single cloud-based platform, vital for all businesses but especially those in the mid-sized arena.

The answer to the conundrum of consolidation…..

An autonomous, integrated security platform has the capacity to tackle evolving threats, right across an organisation’s attack surface, around-the-clock and, at lightning speed.  Operating a single platform means all your security functions can share relevant data in a single, transparent dashboard, improving speed and accuracy of response and reporting, while helping to mitigate against cross-channel attacks and eliminate complexity.

And, it enables organisations to move away from the more expensive and time-consuming approach of running separate solutions in silos. Instead, it gives companies an integrated strategy that is simpler to use, easier to manage and, reduces the need for manual intervention.

Crucially, a platform approach enables digital business, giving users the freedom to access the applications and data they need, regardless of device or location, whilst providing visibility of threats and the tools to remove them to the IT team, to better utilise their time.

Not every organisation will have a specialist security person for every aspect of the cyber framework, so a single view of the critical aspects of a security in depth cyber plan is vital for every small to medium size company. Thus, the integrated approach presents, in a clear format, the real-world events happening with understandable options on how to defend or mitigate the situation.