The Interconnected World

Wherever you have technology that is able to connect to a network, there is the very real risk of cyber-crime.

The emergence of the IoT and the dawning of the Interconnected Home, is set to revolutionise the way we live our lives.

Connectivity between Internet-enabled devices will allow for previously unthought-of communication, as physical objects perform actions that see them interact with their environment. The possibilities are vast, with electronic appliances in the home embedded with the same technology you would likely find in your phone, or even your car.

Unfortunately, for every smart innovation, like the Rachio Sprinkler Controller, you will also find an unnecessary application, such as Japan’s ‘Lixil Satis Integrated Toilet’. This particular invention connects with your mobile to control water flow and keep a record of your trips to the bathroom. I think, like most people, I can remember my trips!

Whether a clever invention or pointless absurdity, all IoT devices have the same main issue which makes them a threat to our homes and that is, their distinct lack of security.

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