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What are the benefits of Managed Security Services for your organisation?

Managed cloud services remove the need for organisations to perform many specialist functions in-house, providing access to essential digital services in a way that is cost-effective and convenient.

The downside is these services can leave a company’s data vulnerable to theft, tampering, or even seizure by government authorities and law enforcement agencies. As a data owner, you could then be subject to large fines, negative publicity and possible business collapse.

Encryption is the only way to protect your data. Data that has been encrypted is unreadable to those who are not authorised to access it. It also allows monitoring and reporting on who, or what is accessing the data and when.

Unfortunately, many organisations lack the in-house expertise, systems, or bandwidth to adequately protect their business against data loss or tampering.

It’s all too easy to think it won’t happen to you – but it is a very real risk.

Without access to your data, could your company survive? Could your business withstand the reputational damage or financial penalties following a data breach? If you have already deployed a system, has it been optimised to fully meet your needs?

Some businesses choose to use an encryption service offered by their service provider. However, this offers only limited protection as the encryption is tied to that service provider and can’t expand across multiple hosting companies. Key rotation also becomes challenging, if not impossible, meaning your company is not employing the best practice in securing its data.

You can strengthen your data security position by engaging Digital Pathways’ Managed Security Service and remove the problems that come with managing your own data security systems. Our service controls ongoing budgetary pressures and separates the duties between cloud service providers, data owners and data protection.

The Digital Pathways nCrypt solution can handle the full range of encryption needs both for data in transit and at rest. This includes full-data encryption of any server and is transparent to the application or data structure (i.e. databases). Encryption and key management are provided as a unified service across all platforms.

Once deployed the system provides extensive auditing of all access to data, both authorised and unauthorised, which can then be used to report to management. This includes system activities, compliance reporting, such as GDPR and PCI, or data breaches where detailed analysis is required across multiple systems to identify any weakness or rogue activity.

The Digital Pathways Managed Security Service takes away the ‘pain points’ (including interoperability) associated with deploying a robust data protection and auditing system. It reduces an organisation’s costs in terms of encryption deployment, maintenance and management and offers more effective controls through the provision of centralised monitoring, logging and reporting capabilities. This ensures your organisation’s digital assets remain secure and your company remains compliant.

To find out more about our Managed Security Service, please contact us on 0844 586 0040.