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Computing Security Awards 2018

Computing Security Awards 2018 Digital Pathways are very proud to announce, that following nominations for the Computing Security Awards 2018, we have been confirmed as finalists in the following categories: Encryption Solution of the Year – (nCrypt – Managed Encryption Services) SME Security solution of the Year – (nCrypt – Managed Encryption Services) Compliance Award 2018 […]

How are Word-based fileless attacks targeting aid organisations?

Imagine you have opened a Word file that was emailed to you by a prominent organisation in your field. On the surface, nothing else happens. You notice no changes and your antivirus system doesn’t detect anything suspicious. Would you (or your employees) expect to be spied on by hackers?

Building trust: What GDPR can do for your council

In 2017, Basildon Council was fined £150,000 for failing to store personal data securely. Because there was no adequate data protection policy in place, details of a family’s disabilities, including mental health issues, were published online. They remained publicly accessible for weeks. This incident had huge reputational and financial repercussions for the Council.

Private Schools and Parents Face Cyber Threat

Private schools and parents face cyber threat as cybercriminals are always seeking new targets, digital security for education should not be ignored. Organisations receiving large payments, and with poorly secured IT systems are a treasure trove for hackers. Their latest campaign attacks private schools, with the aim of tricking parents into paying thousands of pounds […]

GDPR: Is Your Law Firm in the 75%?

Cybersecurity for Your Law Firm In November 2017, it was reported that 75% of UK law firms aren’t ready for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). With less than three months to go until the compliance deadline of 25th May 2018, it is more important than ever for law firms to be prepared. The legal […]

Client Data: Is Your Law Firm the Weakest Point in the Cyber Security Chain?

Financial Fraud is big business for cybercriminals During 2016, 73 out of 100 top UK law firms were targeted by hackers. Meanwhile, many smaller firms mistakenly believe they are too small or niche to attract the interest of cybercriminals. As a law firm, the information you store and process is highly valuable. By aggressively targeting […]

Internet of Things: Balancing Benefits and Risks in the Workplace

Internet of things: Benefits and Risks The benefits of IoT. A recent survey of over 1000 buyers of IT across Europe and North America showed that 29% of companies have already embraced IoT, with an additional 19% planning to adopt IoT within their organisation over the next year. By the end of 2018, these figures […]

Will we be haunted by Spectre and Meltdown for decades to come?

Spectre and Meltdown: Will we be haunted by vulnerabilities in modern devices for decades to come? 2018 began with the alarming news that nearly every computer chip manufactured in the last 20 years contains basic security flaws. These flaws have been collectively named Spectre and Meltdown, and were discovered by security analysts at Google. In […]

Could a Data Breach be the End for Your Business?

Building a business is hard work. To lose it all as a result of a data breach would be devastating. Unfortunately, we recently learned of a SME who found themselves in this situation. Facing the threat of legal prosecution following a data breach, the company had no other option than to close its doors for […]