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Can you trust one free app to keep all your passwords safe?

The Mail Online November 2018: How to navigate the world of virtual storage vaults as hackers target providers. A password manager can be a vital tool to keep your personal information out of the hands of online criminals – giving you a single log-in to an app that saves you having to remember lots of […]

The chilling email threatening to share embarrassing information that is ‘driving people to suicide’

Essex Live November 2018: “It breaks up perfectly stable relationships and causes untold misery” A shocking email is reportedly being sent round to random victims threatening that embarrassing information will be shared online unless large sums of money are paid. The ransom messages are even believed to be leading some victims to the brink of […]

How trustworthy is AI?

Network Security Magazine October 2018: Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are two very hot buzzwords within the broader waves of technological change that are sweeping through our world under the banner of the Internet of Things (IoT). And, although their benefits look good, there is a fear that AI programs could go rogue […]

‘Pay the ransom – or watch me wreck your life’

The Mail On Sunday October 2018: ‘Pay the ransom – or watch me wreck your life’: Chilling new fraud email that says you’ve been filmed on an adult website The ‘ransom’ email explains that you have been caught viewing an adult website The email includes key private details, such as secret passwords for a bank […]

Chilling ransom attacks

The Mirror October 2018: Chilling ransom attacks threatening to share embarrassing information ‘driving people to suicide’ Victims are told compromising material will be shared unless they cough up huge sums of money Chilling ransom messages being sent to random victims are costing them thousands of pounds and even driving some to the brink of suicide, […]

Quantum Computers are coming

Computer Weekly Magazine October 2018: Prepare now for quantum computers, QKD and post-quantum encryption The predicted processing power of quantum computers is likely to make existing encryption algorithms obsolete. Quantum key distribution (QKD) is a possible solution – we investigate whether QKD is viable Quantum computers have been on the horizon for several years, but […]

Recent Hacks Highlight Need For Intelligence Threat Detection

Global Security Magazine September 2018: The recent cyber-attacks on both British Airways and Stena Line highlights the growing need for any entity that stores sensitive information, to install intelligence threat detection software, in order to try to avert hackers before they cause damage. British Airways saw some 380,000 passenger’s card details accessed, while Stena Line […]

Hackers steal details of 380,000 BA Customers

Mail on Sunday September 2018: EXCLUSIVE: As hackers steal details of 380,000 BA customers, we are given unique access to the agents fighting masterminds of financial crime The recent data breach at British Airways saw hackers steal the financial details of 380,000 customers. It is the latest in a maelstrom of cyber attacks that are […]