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2020 Publications

Network Security Magazine May 2020

Pandemic underpins need for SOAR

With the rapid change in working practices due to Covid-19, staff working from home has meant security measures usually in place in the office environment might not be in place, maybe due to the lack of licences or the use of personal devices. Could this mean loss of data for your business?

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Global Security Magazine May 2020

Will Governments Track & Trace App Keep Data Secure?

The government’s rollout of its Track & Trace App, currently on the Isle of Wight but soon to be across England, is a welcome tool in the fight against the Coronavirus. But, can it be trusted to keep data secure?

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This is Money April 2020

How to beat the fraudsters

The coronavirus lockdown is providing rich pickings for heartless criminals: Here’s how to beat the fraudsters coming after your hard-earned cash

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Professional Security Magazine April 2020

Coronavirus:Working From Home

The Covid-19 outbreak has given rise to an increase in the number of state-sponsored cyber attacks, as companies have more employees work from home.

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Global Security Magazine April 2020

Ten Things To Know About The Future Of Speech Recognition

Automatic speech recognition (ASR), the ability to speak directly to a device instead of using a keypad, has come a long way but has much more to offer going forward.

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The Guardian March 2020

Trolls exploit Zoom privacy settings as app gains popularity

Zoombombers’ broadcast explicit imagery or abuse other users in video hangouts

Working and socialising from home has brought new risks to everyday life, as webcam meetings and chatroom cocktail hours contend with privacy invasions, phishing attacks and “zoombombings” – uninvited guests abusing the popular video service to broadcast shocking imagery to all.

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Computer Weekly March 2020

AWS Bucket List: Keep Your Cloud Secure

Misconfigured cloud installations risk billions of records being exposed, damaging organisations’ finances and reputations. Paying attention to securing AWS storage buckets is a simple matter.

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Global Security Magazine March 2020

Working From Home

We are living in a new world order right now with many of us finding ourselves working from home, without the protection and constraints of our usual places of work.

This makes working safely even more important. Here are ten things you can do to ensure you keep yourself, your employer and your data, safe.

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Global Security Magazine March 2020

Encryption, things you should know

Encryption is the process by which information is converted from a readable format into one that obscures it’s meaning from those without the authorisation or ability to decipher it and has long been used to protect sensitive information from prying eyes.

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Global Security Magazine February 2020

Ransomware Attacks: What cost?

Ransomware is a form of malware that denies access to a victims system and data, only releasing it once a ransom of some kind is paid. Some such attacks can be reversed quite easily whilst other, more advanced threats make use of cryptoviral extortion, which make files inaccessible until a ransom has been paid, in order to decrypt them.

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Network Security Magazine February 2020

The Power of Voice

Complex passwords, password managers, two-factor authentication and biometrics, different technologies and ways to secure access to our devices and information. These are not always easy to use or easy to transfer and some have a degree of inaccuracy. So what about voice recognition?

Read our latest article here on page 20 on the advances in ASR (Advanced Voice Recognition)

Info Security Magazine January 2020

Providing Cyber Defence Without Breaking The Bank

With cyber-attacks costing businesses some £4billion per annum, a figure that keeps on growing, cyber defense systems are a must for all businesses. However, today those defense systems are not confined to the perimeter of the networks, they now go deep inside of the organisation, looking at user behaviour, checking where data is going and even what an employee is doing when they are away from the network.

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2018/19 Publications

Computer Weekly November 2019

Taking responsibility for security in the cloud

As the data owner you have the ultimate responsibility. Do your due diligence.

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Computer Weekly October 2019

Data Management Strategies are evolving – so must enterprises

A growing number of data-driven initiatives, alongside heightened demand for security in governance, data management and compliance, has led to the rise of a more holistic approach – integrated risk management.

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Network Security Magazine October 2019

Goodbye SIEM, Hello SOARX

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technologies have, to date, been leading the war against cybercrime. Welcome SOARX, a solution that offers a central cybersecurity management platform that allows you to monitor, manage, respond, and orchestrate your entire network and security infrastructure via a single pane of glass.

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Comms Business August 2019

Digital Pathways links up with iCyber Security

Digital Pathways, has linked up with cyber defence system provider, iCyber-Security in order to promote the iCyber-Sheild defence platform.

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Computer Weekly August 2019

Mitigating social engineering attacks with MFA

The growing frequency of social engineering attacks highlights the increasing need for organisations to take steps to mitigate the effects of phishing

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Mail on Sunday July 2019

Use free wi-fi at your peril.

How the man sat behind you could be emptying your bank account!

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Article also published in Express Digest and Newstral

Network Security Magazine July 2019

Why you need Cyber Essentials

The UK Government’s Cyber Essentials programme was developed to help businesses mitigate common online threats.

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Ignites Europe June 2019

WhatsApp Hack: firms urged to pay attention to security risks

How many people think that their data is not of value?

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Computer Weekly May 2019

Data governance: The importance of getting it right

Controlling data is a challenge today, with storage being so easy and cheap to implement. But how much is duplicated and how do you know who has access to it and if they should! This article talks about the issues and solutions.

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Professional Security Magazine Online, May 2019:

GDPR: still much to do???

The article looks at the state of GDPR after one year in force.

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Global Security Magazine May 2019

WhatsApp hack and Stuxnet worm very similar

Is the WhatsApp hack similar to the Stuxnet worm seen during the Iran war?

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Professional Security Magazine online, April 2019

Why Cyber Essentials is essential

This article looks at the benefits of certifications for Cyber security and why all size organisations should look to be certified.

To read this article & more from Professional Security Magazine

Info Security Magazine April 2019:

Can your data be held hostage?

Are the old days of the protection racket now coming to the digital data world, and organisations being threatened if they don’t continue to pay up?

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Network Security Magazine, March 2019:

IoT regulations: fact or fiction?

With so many devices on the internet and many without any security considerations, is now the time to force manufacturers to add strong security by imposing regulations?

Read the full article in Network Security Magazine, page 20

Computer Weekly Magazine March 2019:

Using simulated disaster management to tackle the security skills gap

Data security skills are in short supply, at a time when hackers are most active. Is it now time to have cyber technology take over the heavy lifting freeing the data security experts to do their jobs better?

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Smart Cities World January 2019:

Connectivity in the smart city

Should data security be at the heart of our smart cities and be measured so any new client can rate a building for data protection?

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Global Security Magazine December 2018:

Marriott hit by hack but where was their log management?

Another hack but how long has it taken to detect and warn its customers, too long as this article points out.

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Computer Weekly December 2018:

The Future of Network-Connected Device Security

With so many new devices hitting the market which connect to the internet, experience is showing that most are not secure and leave the user exposed to a wide range of cyber attacks.

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The Mail on Sunday and Mail Online November 2018:

Can you trust one free app to keep all your passwords safe?

Everyone faces the issue of remembering passwords, whether that be for business or personal use. This article looks at the benefits and pitfalls of password managers.

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Essex Live November 2018:

The chilling email threatening to share embarrassing information that is ‘driving people to suicide’

Spam email is effecting everyone but some emails are so realistic that people surcome to the damnds contained within the email

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Article Published in The Mail Online

Also published in The Mail on Sunday

Network Security Magazine October 2018:

How trustworthy is AI?

What data security controls (if any) are being put into AI at development stages to protect us

Read the full article on page 20 of Network Security Magazine.

The Mail On Sunday and Mail Online October 2018:

‘Pay the ransom – or watch me wreck your life’

How far will hackers go to get their targets to pay up, are protection rackets coming back but now in the digital world.

Read the full report at The Mail Online

The Mirror October 2018:

Chilling ransom attacks threatening to share embarrassing information ‘driving people to suicide’

Spam emails that have your personal information included, are often so real people believe them.

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Computer Weekly Magazine October 2018:

Quantum Computers are coming

The new era of computers is nearly with us and so how will data security keep pace and still secure our data?

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Global Security Magazine September 2018:

Recent Hacks Highlight Need For Intelligence Threat Detection

Traditional Anti Virus is just not good enough in todays world of Fileless attacks.

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Mail on Sunday, and Mail Online September 2018:

Hackers steal details of 380,000 BA Customers

Large data breach at BA, but whay was the data not better protected and what can the victims do to protect their identies moving forward.

The full report can be read at Mail Online

Smart Cities World September 2018:

What impact will GDPR have on smart buildings and the data they hold?

Smart Cities and GDPR: What’s next?

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Network Security Magazine August 2018:

Knowing What you Have: The Road to Effective Data Discovery

GDPR has highlighted the problem of how much data we store and in turn how we can find sensitive data when required for example during a Subject Access Request.

Read the full article on page 15 in Network Security

Info Security Magazine July 2018:

Education & Training: The Downfall of File-less Attacks (AVT)

Advance Threat Detection and user education is the only way to stop the new forms of data attacks.

Read the full article in Info Security Magazine.

Global Security Magazine July 2018:

GDPR Breach: Ready, Get-Set, Go!

Data breaches are still happening even with GDPR! Is nobody encrypting their data?

Read the full article in Global Security Magazine.

Smart Cities World July 2018:

Implementing responsible AI from the start

Will artificial inteligence in smart buildings be the weak link if data security has not built in at the design stage.

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 Global Security Magazine 

Tesla Feel The Heat Of An Insider Threat

Many companies fail to consider the insider threat with dangerous consequences.

Read the full article here in Global Security Magazine. 

Intercontinental Finance & Law May 2018

Defend at all costs!

The legal sector is one of the most targeted business sectors by hackers. Is it because their defences are so weak?

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Business and Industry Today May 2018

Cyber Security Company of the Year – Digital Pathways: Securing your data

Digital Pathways are recognised by Business and Industry Today for their work in cyber security.

Read the full article on page 32 here

Computer Weekly April 218

Network security in the age of the internet of things

With the rapid growth of IoT devices attaching to our networks do we now know where and how our data is leaving the environment?

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Smart Cities World April 2018

Sharing a Data Protection Officer

With GDPR imminent, will organisations be able to afford their own Data Protection Officer or are we about to see the Virtual DPO?

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Network Security Magazine April 2018

The Threat of Fileless Trojans

The growth in the use of fileless or zero-footprint attacks is alarming. And while they seem to have been targeted at corporate networks so far, they will spread wider.

To read the full article in Network Security Magazine on page 20

Public Sector News April 2018

UK Councils Must Get Their Cyber Security ‘Act Together’

Data owners or managers of departments do not consider who has access to their data and they leave decisions to the IT Department expecting them to know who can access the data and what they can do with it.

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Network Security Magazine January 2018

Tackling Push Payment Scams

The Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) has announced an industry-wide action plan to tackle push payment scams

Read the article on page 20 of Network Security Magazine

Infosecurity Magazine January 2018

Cybersecurity Predictions for 2018

What do we think 2018 will bring in thedata security market place?

Read the article in Infosecurity Magazine

Computing Security Magazine january 2018

GDPR: The Silver Lining

Read the full article in Computing Security Magazine

Estate Agent Today January 2018

GDPR: New warning about data security, including job applications

Estate agents and all other businesses to ensure they are prepared for the General Data Protection Regulation, coming into effect on May 25 this year.

Read the full article in Estate Agent Today

Learning from a cyber attack

New research also reveals that two thirds of UK businesses have no official ransomware policy to guide employees in the event of an attack. Organisations must protect and educate their users, says Tankard There are many reasons organisations do not follow the latest software releases but what seems to constantly fail, is the “thought process” […]

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Are You Protecting Your Documents With A Digital Signature?

Protecting digital documents and being able to verify that the sender of a file is, in fact, who they say they are, is fast becoming a major concern for many businesses. Whether receiving a document from a business partner or downloading software from the Internet, the ability to verify the integrity of a file is […]

How log management can protect your systems

Every PC and server you use will keep an audit of its activity, which gives you valuable insight into the behaviours of its users. Log management is an essential tool in the battle against cyber-crime. It might not be as glamorous as anti-malware software, or the use of honeypots, but it can be the single […]

The eSignature Comes of Age

In recent years, the use of digital or electronic signatures has rapidly increased in an effort to streamline all types of business transactions. The eSignature can not only be used as an actual certifiable signature, just as we did with a pen, but can also be used to encrypt the contents of a document, thus […]

Encryption as the Cornerstone of Big Data Security

Big data refers to huge data sets that come about through the phenomenal growth being seen in the volume of information collected, produced, analysed, shared and stored by organisations. By analysing big data sets, valuable insights can be gained into how patterns of data are associated to enable better-informed decision-making, which can aid in competitiveness […]

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Why Encryption is the Best Strategy

Data protection, wherever it resides, must form the core of companies’ security systems. Encryption, in which information is converted from readable format into one that obscures its meaning from those without the authorisation or ability to decipher it, has long been used to protect sensitive information from prying eyes. Data security as a pressing concern

Why passwords must be taken seriously

So, how can businesses ensure that their employees use the best password security to guard their data safely? The Friend Finder Network hack, the largest data breach of 2016 that exposed more than 400 million user accounts, has, once again, highlighted the issue of passwords. Passwords continue to be the bane of our digital lives. […]

Blackmail for a digital age ……

Ransomware is a particularly malicious form of malware that gains access to a user’s system and then proceeds to prevent them from accessing their own data. In some cases, the files on the system are encrypted so as to be irretrievable without the key and, in others, access is simply denied to the device’s owner. […]