Recent Hacks Highlight Need For Intelligence Threat Detection

The recent cyber-attacks on both British Airways and Stena Line highlights the growing need for any entity that stores sensitive information, to install intelligence threat detection software, in order to try to avert hackers before they cause damage. British Airways saw some 380,000 passenger’s card details accessed, while Stena Line had 800 of their staff’s […]

Hackers steal details of 380,000 BA Customers

EXCLUSIVE: As hackers steal details of 380,000 BA customers, we are given unique access to the agents fighting masterminds of financial crime The recent data breach at British Airways saw hackers steal the financial details of 380,000 customers. It is the latest in a maelstrom of cyber attacks that are spreading computer viruses and installing […]

Smart cities and GDPR: What’s next?

GDPR came into force in May this year. Now what? Colin Tankard from Digital Pathways takes a look. So, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been introduced and city leaders are happy, knowing their IT people have instigated the right policy statements and that they have adhered to the regulations. But just how happy […]

Knowing What you Have: The Road to Effective Data Discovery

It’s hard to keep data secure when you’re not sure what information you have. While your databases might be neatly ordered and well understood, much of the information washing around in organisations is likely to be in the form unstructured data – emails.PDFs, word processor and spreadsheet files and many other types in a wide […]

Education & Training: The Downfall of File-less Attacks (AVT)

While we are all aware of the file-less or zero-footprint attack, the growth in their use has been alarming. With regular anti-virus tools less likely to detect them, how can the ‘savvy’ CIO ward against them? The answer lies squarely in the need for the education and training of employees, ensuring they fully understand exactly […]

GDPR Breach: Ready, Get-Set, Go!

So here we go, GPPR has been in force for just under two months, and already two well-known brands have been caught in its net. Luxury retailer, Fortnum & Mason, have detailed the loss of some 23,000 customer records, which include emails, telephone numbers and delivery addresses of customers who filled out a survey, or […]

Implementing responsible AI from the start

Digital Pathways’ Colin Tankard looks at how we reap the rewards of AI while avoiding the risks. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are two very hot buzzwords right now and often seem to be used interchangeably. They are not quite the same thing, but the perception that they are can sometimes lead to […]

Tesla Feel The Heat Of An Insider Threat

Tesla, the luxury electric car maker, seem to have fallen foul of an insider threat episode, with Elon Musk, warning that a disgruntled staff member had altered the company’s IT system code, harvesting highly sensitive information and giving it to others. Traditionally, the term ‘Insider Threat’ does indeed invoke images of malicious employees lurking in the […]