Streamlining data discovery

Understanding what unstructured data exists in the enterprise is not easy. Massive volumes of documents, spreadsheets, presentations and emails are typically scattered about an organisation. With no real tools to manage it based on business value, it accumulates with no end in sight. The easy option is to buy more storage, but that doesn’t fix […]

Defend at all costs!

Legal sector must ‘step up a gear’ in Cyber technology. Hackers view the legal sector, which tends to store and process critical and invaluable information, as a potential weak point in the cyber security chain and are constantly pursuing different ways to access legal organisations, both large and small. It is high time that the […]

How to keep a hacker out of your computer: The security of your data is vital – use our guide to stay safe

In the wake of the meltdown at TSB and the harvesting of personal information from Facebook, people are increasingly nervous about managing their finances online. Here, The Mail on Sunday looks at how safe our data is and what we can do to protect ourselves from scams and fraudsters. ACT ON NEW DATA PROTECTION LAW […]

Cyber Security Company of the Year – Digital Pathways: Securing your data

Business and Industry Today is extremely proud to present Digital Pathways with our Cyber Security Solutions Company of the Year Award. Established in 1996 by Managing Director, Colin Tankard, Digital Pathways is reputable for their award-winning and ground-breaking data security solutions that help businesses improve and protect their digital assets. Grounded in Harlow, Essex, Digital […]

Network security in the age of the internet of things

Wireless devices and smart technologies are increasingly being brought into the workplace, and pose a growing risk to company data The internet of things (IoT) is a comparatively recent invention. Ten years ago, we only worried about protecting our computers, and it was only five years ago when we needed to protect our smartphones. Now […]

Sharing a Data Protection Officer

The General Data Protection Regulations, which comes into force shortly, requires the need for a Data Protection Officer… As we all know by now, the General Data Protection Regulations, the process by which the European Parliament intends to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the European Union (EU), as well as addressing […]

The Threat of Fileless Trojans

The growth in the use of fileless or zero-footprint attacks is alarming. And while they seem to have been targeted at corporate networks so far, they will spread wider. Fileless attacks do not rely on installing new software but use legitimate applications in the OS. An advanced volatile threat (AVT) does not write itself onto […]

UK Councils Must Get Their Cyber Security ‘Act Together’

UK councils must get their cyber security ‘act together’ according to Colin Tankard, Managing Director of data security company, Digital Pathways Human beings are always the weakest link in the cyber security arena and the only way to stop this is by providing excellent training and awareness programmes, according to Tankard. He says, “My experience […]