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Julius Caesar used encryption. Shouldn’t you?

Encryption is the process where information is converted from a readable format into one that obscures its meaning from those without the authorisation or ability to decipher it and has long been used to protect sensitive information from prying eyes. The History Behind Encryption Julius Caesar around 100 BC, was known to use a form […]

How secure are your API’s?

How secure are your API’s? Application programming interfaces (APIs) have become the must have option for many organisations, with enterprise developers relying heavily on them to support the delivery of new products. API’s allow programmers to integrate functionality from externally provided services instead of having to build these functions themselves. While interconnections offered by APIs […]

The Conundrum of Consolidation

What is the conundrum with consolidation? The conundrum around individual components verses combined systems continues. Rather than reducing complexity, many businesses are managing multiple point products, incompatible dashboards, and struggling to integrate new systems with existing defences. This applies to all size of business but is especially hard for mid-size enterprise, where resources are stretched […]

Multiscanning, the new must have

Every day, new malware and other online threats emerge, making Anti-Virus (AV) an increasingly important element of any cyber security strategy. It is, however, unrealistic for a single anti-virus solution to be able to protect devices from all malware, not least because AV engineers need time to understand any new virus and develop the antidote. […]

Email: The Weakest Link

Email: The Weakest Link? It is a fact that the vast number of emails sent to an organisation are either spam or ransomware attacks, with many targeted hacks starting via email. Even the most careful of us can be duped into clicking a dubious link or opening a dangerous attachment. Traditional email has the confidentiality […]

Providing Cyber Defence Without Breaking the Bank

Cyber-attacks can cost businesses huge amounts of money; having robust cyber defence systems has therefore become a must. Today, defence systems are not confined to the perimeter of networks but go deep inside of an organisation, looking at user behaviour, checking where data is going and even, what an employee is doing when they are […]

Cyber-Attacks Are Like The Flu

Cyber-attacks are like the flu, even with an injection, eventually, you are going to get ill. It is always there, lurking, waiting to make your life just that little bit harder. The same can be said of today’s cyber threats.  They constantly change, with malware vectors ever increasing. Many companies are lax, leaving doors open, […]

Insidious Malware And What To Do About It.

Malware is an ongoing headache for IT users and it is a constant race to stay ahead of it.  Recently there has been the storm over the flaw in the Apache Log4J software, which seems to allow hackers to enter code in record-keeping logs, letting them then take control of data. This vulnerability comes from […]

Beware the Russian Hackers!

PRESS RELEASE March 2022 Businesses and individuals alike should be especially vigilant for scams and hacks by Russian vectors at the moment, according to the Managing Director of cyber security company, Digital Pathways. Whilst there is nothing new about the idea of the ‘bad guys’ trying to attack systems by phishing, ransomware, trojan horse attacks, […]

What Is Privileged Access Management?

Privileged Access Management (PAM) refers to the giving, to an IT user, access, or abilities over and above that of a standard user.  This may be in order for them to carry out their roles, for example, an IT administrator, and enables organisations to secure their systems, ensure the confidentiality of data as well as […]